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Birefringent Crystals



Prisms can be used for splitting a light into beams traveling in two different directions for dispersing an incident light and for inverting the orientation of an image.

  Right Angle Prisms
  Corner Cube Retroreflectors
  Micro Prisms
  Roof Prisms
  Dove Prisms
  Penta Prisms
  Wedge Prisms
  Equilateral Dispersing Prisms
  Rhomboid Prism
  Pellin Broca Prism
IR Optics

The product lineup of high performance designed lenses includes achromatic lenses whose aberrations are previously corrected by two or three lenses beamexpanders for expanding a laser beam in parallel ray f¶» lenses for collecting and scanning deflected beams from a scanner or a similar device on a flat image surface.

  Zinc Selenide
  Magnesium Fluoride
  Calcium Fluoride

Mirrors can be used for reflecting as much beam of light as possible. They have two different coatings by metal and dielectric materials.

  Protected Aluminum Mirrors
  Enhanced Aluminum Mirrors
  UV Enhance Aluminum Mirrors
  Aluminum Concave Mirrors
  Protected Silver Mirrors
  Ultra Broadband Dielectric Mirrors
  Cylindrical Concave Mirrors
  Protected Gold Mirrors
  Aspheric Mirrors

Lenses can be used for collecting a parallel beam collimating the light from point source to parallel beams and diffusing the collimated beam.

  Micro Lenses
  Plano Convex Lenses
  Plano Concave Lenses
  Biconvex Lenses
  Biconcave Lenses
  Meniscus Lenses
  Achromatic Lenses
  Cylindrical Lenses
  Aspheric Condenser Lens

Beamsplitters can be used for dividing light beam. They have two different coatings by metal and dielectric materials.

  Ultra Broadband
  Cube Beamsplitters
  Plate Beamsplitters

Windows are used for a transparent barrier so that a beam of light can be transmitted between two phases in the different environments.

  Windows BK7
  Brewster Window
  Window Quartz
  Windows Fused Silica

Waveplates (retardation plates or phase shifters) are made from materials which exhibit birefringence. The velocities of the extraordinary and ordinary rays through the birefringent materials vary inversely with their refractive indices.

  Low Order Waveplates
  Zero order waveplates
  True Zero Order Waveplates
  Dual Wavelengths Waveplate
Scintillation Crystal

Banner Union manufactures and supplies Scintillation Crystal.

  BGO crystal
  CsI(Tl) crystal
  NaI(Tl) crystal
  LaBr3:Ce Scintillation Probe
Sapphire Products

As the hardest oxide crystal Sapphire crystal is the most basic monocrystal form of Al2O3. It has many good physical and chemical properties of high strength high hardness high temperature resistance scratch-resistance anticorrosion and good performances of light transmission and electrical insulation etc. So it can be widely used in such fields with different strict requirements as national defense scientific research and civilian industry etc.

  Sapphire Crystal
  Sapphire Substrate and Window
  Sapphire Lens
  Sapphire Ball
  Special Sapphire Products
  Sapphire Prism
  Hole Jewels
  Cup Jewels
Magneto-optical Crystal

  Terbium Gallium Garnet(TGG)
Laser Crystals

  Erbium Laser Glass£®Er:Glass£©
  Ti: Sapphire
  Er: YAG
NLO Crystals

  Cesium Lithium Borate (CLBO single crystal)
  RTP Electro-optic Q-Switch
  KDP and DKDP(KD*P)
AO and EO Crystals

  KT (KTaO3) Crystal
Birefringent Crystals

  Yttrium Orthovanadate (YVO4)

Polarizer is an important optical component that is widely used in optics to produce a state of linear polarization. Banner Union provides polarizers with three materials, ¶Ń-BBO, calcite and VYO4, making them suitable for the widest spectrum and high polarization purity application.

  Rochon Polarizer
  Wollaston Polarizer
  Glan Taylor Polarizer
  Glan Thompson Polarizer
  Glan Laser Polarizer

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