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Inspection and Measurement

  Physical Specification Measurement

Banner Union has various inspection equipments, measuring instruments and testing devices are deployed to evaluate quality in each step, and defective products are prevented from flowing to the next process in advance.
Additionally, each device is controlled in order to maintain the measurement ability for satisfying numerical criteria.

The coordinate measuring machine, the projector and height gages and the micrometers are used to detect the physical dimension of the products.

Precision of CMM is 1

Scatheless Inspection Method such as projector measurement will set the scratch free.

Precision of projector is 1

The height gage will be measured the sag with the sag gage and dial test indicatorPrecision of Height gage is 0.01mm

Ordinary diameter measurement equipment
Precision of micrometer is 1

  Optical Specification Measurement

The spectrophotometer is used to measure the coating quality of the optical component.
The goniometer is used to measure the degree of the two optical surfaces.
The laser interferometer is used to measure the surface accuracy such as flatness and the irregularity of the optical components.

  Appearance Inspection

The optical components were placed on the microscope to carry out the surface quality inspection.

And the defect such as crack, bubbles, spots, ect. will be detected through the naked eyes.


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