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Production Management

  4M Change Control

Should inform the customer? interior lot management

Banner Union has very strict 4M Change Control, if there is any change in Manpower, Method, Material, Machine and the Environment, the change content will be recorded and it is easy to cast back the lot.
  Improvement Action

Description of improvement

How to improve the quality and production efficiency is an issue for us.
By continually improve the conscious focus on the quality and amelioration by the employees, Banner Union will improve the quality and lower the cost for the customer.

Annually, we hold the Improvement Instance Communication Conference, all the departments introduce the improvement instances to the employees. In

order to reward and encouraging them for improving the working process of the company, the most achieving employees will be commended.
  Training System
Message from the President
Each employee is the fortune of our group, OJT C On Job Training will help the employee to be familiar with the production business, the culture, the quality guideline and the spirit of our group, on the other hand, the group will know the ability the employee through the training and will give them more progress space.
The training contents for the operators
Skill Olympic Games 2009
We convene Skill Olympic Games once per annum from 2006, it will help to improve the ability of the operators and the inspectors. The items of the game are the process of optical components such as cutting, grinding, polishing, beveling, grounding, coating, cementing and inspection. The winner will be awarded prizes.

Beveling Competition Scene

Inspection Competition Scene
Skill Olympic Games 2009 convened on July 29th, About 60 operators and inspectors were in contention for the 8 gold medals. We are expecting Skill Olympic Games 2010 next year.

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