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Production Overview

  Production Overview

Banner Union Applied Optics CO., Ltd satisfies customer requirements with the world leading precision processing technology.
From prototype design and the selection of materials, in all processes of polishing and coating, an integrated production system to achieve short lead time is established, and quality assurance is conducted on all production processes.
Quality Assurance System
Inspection           polishing
Bonding   Cleaning

  Production Assistant


An integrated production control system called "RinksĄ± at Banner Union handles about hundreds of raw materials, various clamps and molds, and supports various production processes. The system performs a visible control of the entire production process from order confirmation to shipment, The Rinks System promotes the efficiency of the production powerfully.

Document Server is used to serve our business. All the documents are saved in
the server and all the employees could
get the information they required.

  Mould Forming Process

According to the customersĄŻ needs, the material we used is not only the optical grade glass but also the optical grade plastic.
In pressing processing, to shorten the required time for the next process such as cutting and grinding, it is necessary for the products to be pressed close to the shape of final product tohe parts will be grinded into the drawing shape improve the efficiency.To obtain the consistent
shape and characteristics of optical glass in molding, the adjustment of viscosity, pressure and temperature of the plastic material is very important.


The raw material in blocks is cut into the required dimension.


The parts will be grinded into the drawing shape.


Polishing is a process to achieve high accuracy of specifications in prisms or mirrors processed by grinding. It is an important step to finalize the configuration accuracy of the product.


The ultrasonic cleaning machine is used to set the impurity free from the substrates before coating.


Edge grounding machine is used to ground the outline of the circular shape optical components such as lens.


Two polished surfaces are bonded together with special cement.
Centering is the most important specification in this working process.


Banner Union does not only supply the optical components but also supply the assembly systems for the customer.
The skillful workers use the special tools or clamps to assemble the parts quickly and
accurately according to the Operation Guidance.
Research & Design
Production Preparation
Production Overview
Coating Overview
Quality Assurance System
Inspection & Measurement
Production Management
Precision Machining

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