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Production Preparation

  Production Preparation

During the production preparation period, we design and manufacture production clamps, automate and systematize various functions of our production equipment. We manufacture the production clamps and products in accordance to the RoHS Protocol, increase theoptimization of the comprehensive cost-effective ratio, and the quality We also design, manufacture and provide the optical products to meet

the requirement and needs of customers.
During the production preparation period, optimized process plan, the equipment plan, the preparation of the raw material etc. are well assured, the steady operation mode and efficient production line are planed and setup: the operators and the inspectors are well trained, etc. All potential issues such as the relevant techniques, material properties, process methods, etc. are reviewed and solved. The observation capability of the operators and the inspectors are improved. Solving the whole problems of the manufacture is a key subject for us.
  Schedule of Sample Production
During the production preparation period, the procurement of raw material, the preparation of clamps, Operation Guidance and the Inspection Guidance and the production plan arrangement should be finished and be actualized.

  CPK Evaluation

After the production, the CPK evaluation of important specification are done to determine whether the production method or the techniques had met the requirement.
The professional quality statistic software helps us in this function.

  Instant Meeting

The Summarization meeting after the production is called Instant Meeting at Banner Union. Instant Meeting will show what problems should be solved and improved upon.
For example, the following Table was copied from one instant meeting this year

  Production Auditing

After the sample production, the production auditing could be actualized in order to summarize the sample production result could meet the target or not

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