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Quality Assrance System

  Basic Policy

The Basic Quality Policy of Banner Union Applied Optics CO., Ltd is
Our company's product must be manufactured and serviced according to the customer's needs.

  Quality Philosophy

Banner Union Applied Optics CO., Ltd is major in designing, manufacturing, logistic managing, selling and servicing of the optical components, optical systems and the clamps. We collect the products quality information from the customer and the market in order to actively to promote the overall quality assurance system.

Here is the Quality Philosophy of Banner Union.
1. All the business should be observe the national and local regulations.
2. The productsĄŻ quality should move the customer.
3. Understand and fulfill the needs of the customer and improve the Guest Satisfaction Index.
4. Respond to the feedback of the customer.
5. All the employees are responsible to observe the Quality Policy.
6. In compliance with the International Standard ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System.
7. All the business and production should achieve the set quality goal, the termly quality audit maintains and promotes the quality management system, and the quality policy is reviewed usually.
May. 1st, 2005
Banner Union Applied Optics CO., Ltd.

  Spot Force Auditing and TTY Action

Message from the President
The claim, the feedback or the usage information of our products from the customers or the market is the valuable fortune for Banner Union, they will help us to increase our quality level and improve our technique. Enhancing the spot force, taking the right countermeasurement to prevent the defect, actualizing TTY action and improvement action is the spirit of Quality System at Banner Union.
Banner Union has particular quality assurance system to assure the whole system running under the control.

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