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Corporate Philosophy


Banner Union has maintained an unwavering commitment to the study of light with the corporate philosophy, ¡°Reliable Lifeful and Innovation¡±, Banner Union established the Pyramid Shape Corporate Philosophy stage by stage. Each employee should observe the corporate code of conduct, the standards

manuals, and at the same time they could think as an entrepreneur, Banner Union want to be the TOP 1 optical component manufacture as our mission.

  Corporate Philosophy

Banner Union¡¯s corporate philosophy of ¡°Reliable Lifeful & Innovation¡± ¡ª simple words that are not easily put into practice. These important words represent unchanging principles to which we will always be dedicated.
¡ñ Harmony with global environment and the society, respect for the people
¡ñ The products and service we provided will move the customer
¡ñ Good trainings and educations to the employees are carried out
¡ñ Improvement action is carried out actively

  Corporate Mission

To be the TOP 1 optical components manufacture is the Corporate Mission of Banner Union, S E Q C D is the key to realize the mission.

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