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Chemical Substance Management System

  Chemical Substance Management System

According to the Green Procurement Standard, Banner Union Applied Optics CO., Ltd apply ourselves to manufacture the products with lower ambient pollution burden with the raw material suppliers. We actively collect the EU and the RoHS Compliance information to promote the Chemical Substance System of Banner Union. Now the 43 kinds of substance are divided to Prohibited Substance, Used Limitative Substance and used Management Substance.
Banner Union Chemical Substance Management System
We would like communicate the customers and the raw material suppliers to be committed to manufacture the optical products with lower ambient pollution burden and protect the environment of the earth.

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  Management Method

How to distinguish the RoHS compliance substance from the contamination and how to actualize the lot management is the key of Banner Union Chemical Substance Management System. From the purchasing the raw material to the shipment products, the whole process is under the control by the Quality Assurance Department

  Inspection System

In order to check the raw material contains the prohibited substance or not, the sample would be send to the professional testing organization such as BVQI/SGS for detection and we will audit the suppliers¡¯ assurance system during the process.

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