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  Planting Trees Event

Scene of Planting Trees

The trees we planted

The 121 employees of Banner Union took part in the planting trees action in Fuzhou Forest Park on July,14,2009 (Sunday).,

It rained in the morning so it was a good weather for the planting. We planted trees in sweatiness and imagined the woodlot should become a forest, after the planting, we play the games in the woodlot, happy moments always passed quickly.

Banner Union takes part in the Planting Trees action every year.

  Event in Environment Day

Painting Contest Opus Shows

The annual June 5th was declared the World Environment Day by the UN, in this day, the event will be arranged everywhere in the world.

This year, the action topic of Banner Union is thinking of the environment and Action.

Douse the glim in rest time and in needless place.
The temperature of the air conditioners are set higher than 26, the power of the air conditioners OFF in rest time.
Computer power off in rest time and plug out before going off duty.
Be on duty by bicycle instead of own car.
The children of the employees attend the painting contest concerning the environment protective in Environment Day, (3-12 years old)

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