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Environment Philosophy

Banner Union Applied Optics CO., Ltd. focuses in designing, manufacture, shipment, selling and service of the optical components, optical systems and the clamps. As the global environment is a critical issue, business communities are to take a leadership role in building a new social paradigm. Banner Union Applied Optics CO., Ltd will intensify and accelerate its sustainable environment management effort and will continue developing environment technology that can help reduce overall environment impact of the society and strive to make our business model an admired one in a new society.

1. Banner Union promotes energy conservation, pollution prevention, CO2 emissions reduction, resource conservation and recycling, etc. as global and regional environmental protection activities.

2. Banner Union¡¯s activities, products and service observe the national and local regulations concerning the environment protection.

3. Banner Union¡¯s environment policy, environmental goal and actualization status in the local economy are reviewed regularly in order to realize the promotion of the environment management system.

4. This Environment Philosophy and the environment protection action plan is communicated to all employee. Banner Union provides all employees the education and trainings concerning the environment management system.

5. Banner Union cooperates closely with the community, collects the environment information actively, helps and supports the environment protection of the society.

This Environment Philosophy is released to the public.

May. 1st, 2005
Banner Union Applied Optics CO., Ltd.

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